Not Too Late for Fired Construction Employees

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When you were fired from your construction job after many years with the same employer and you received little more than your final regular paycheck on your departure, you potentially have up to two years within which to seek financial redress from your former employer. Unlike other employment terminations without cause (non-construction jobs), which see the employers typically offering lesser termination pay and/or severance pay subject to the employee signing a legal release, in the absence of any such payment or signed release, there is no similar legal impediment to subsequently pursuing appropriate financial compensation from your former construction employer (although you need to be aware of the applicable statute of limitations).

Where the appropriate facts and circumstances are present, isn't it worth your time to assess your options and than make the determination as to whether or not to proceed forward? If you have no intention of ever working again for that particular construction company or home builder, shouldn't you consider pursuing the money that you might be legally entitled to? If your former employer made empty promises about bringing you back that went unfulfilled for months on end, shouldn't you hold them accountable for those empty promises and attain the money that your former employer should have paid you when you were let go?

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Fired Construction Employee: Termination & Severance Pay

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